24.5.23  20:00

Clouth 104, Köln /Eingang Niehlerstrasse

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Musiktheater mit Musik von Huihui Cheng und Inszenierung von Kapitolina Tsvetkova

The combination of three works by composer Huihui Cheng gives rise to a common story linked by mythological tales: the story of Pandora and Hermes the messenger. These myths are primarily attractive due to their mirroring of contemporary narratives, however in “THEaLOGY” they become especially fascinating when working with the all-female musical ensemble BRuCH. The distinctive approach here presents the primal deities, or "former deities" as Herod called them, as Titans, because they were the ones who held the first creative gesture, symbolising the first artistic, creative creation. 

Of interest in “THEaLOGY” are the concepts of anarcho-feminism and eco-feminism, which can be understood as the connection between women and nature and the abolition of any kind of domination. Following the structuralist path of comparative religion and mythology (the comparison of myths and religions from different cultures in an attempt to identify common themes and features; to show the exchange of religions and myths across cultures and eras), in “THEaLOGY” director Kapitolina Tcvetkova creates a divine "vivarium" with four goddesses. She creates a gentle, situational, non-linearly narrated utopia; a voyeuristic mapping of the lives of four goddess-sisters. They communicate in an auxiliary language, they inhabit their strange, divine lives within a logic known only to them, telling the story of creation, artistic gesture and expression.

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch das Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrein-Westfalen und Kunststiftung NRW